13-Year-Old Girl Invents Cure for Hiccups (VIDEO)


Mallory Kievman/hiccup cureA teen has found the cure for a condition that affects every single person on the planet -- hiccups.

While my teenage babysitter's loftiest goal is being like Kim Kardashian, 13-year-old Mallory Kievman has invented a candy called "Hiccupops" that gets rid of the world's most annoying affliction. She came up with the recipe when she was plagued by the hiccups a few years ago.


After researching a bunch of supposed cures, she discovered apple cider vinegar, sugar, and water worked the best. These ingredients stop the reflex that leads to the hiccups, she says. Mallory started whipping up her sweet-and-sour lollipops in her parents' kitchen and brave family members tested it out.

It worked about 80 percent of the time and now she's prepping to take her pops nationwide. She met with grad students from the University of Connecticut who will spend the summer mapping out her business and manufacturing strategy. And this home-grown tincture could mean big bucks for this teen.

She can't technically call it a cure because of those pesky FDA rules, but it's clearly so much easier than holding your breath, breathing into a paper bag, dipping your face in ice water, or letting someone scare you to death.

With about 100 percent of Americans getting hiccups, this has the potential to land in every household. It's crazy, but Mallory could be a gazillionaire before she learns how to drive.

Too bad every kid doesn't have that kind of entrepreneurial spirit. (We grown-ups could use a little of that too.) Teens take note: this is proof that fame and fortune can come from something other than starring on a reality show.

Do you have a better hiccup cure? Would you try Mallory's Hiccupops?

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