18-Year-Old Girl Donates a Kidney to Save Toddler's Life (VIDEO)

teen kidneyWhat Briana Delcampo is doing for 18-month-old Isaiah Hernandez would be an incredibly selfless act for anyone at any age. The fact that Briana is just an 18-year-old girl makes her sacrifice nothing short of heroic. 

At the end of this month, Briana is donating a kidney to little Isaiah, who was born with end-stage kidney failure and has already spent more time in the hospital than the average adult. He was just months away from needing dialysis, the prospect of which set his parents on a desperate search for a kidney donor.

Said Isaiah's mom, Terri Hernandez:

"He needs a kidney transplant because being on dialysis is very hard on the body, especially for a baby."


Isaiah's parents thought it would take a long time to find a donor. That's when Briana, a family friend, stepped up to the plate.

"The first thing that came to mind was, I would love to be tested," she said. And even though her own family was concerned (btw, I don't blame them -- I'd be worried if Briana were my daughter, too!), she was determined to go through with it

"I told them that I wanted to do it. Nobody was going to change my mind."

And as it happened, Briana's test proved her to be a perfect match.

It's just incredible. How many adults would give up a kidney with the same complete and total absence of hesitation? Maybe it's because Briana is young that she has such an open and generous heart.

Or maybe she's just a really, really good person.

What would you do if your teen wanted to donate a kidney?

Image via abc

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