High Schoolers Play Harmless, Creative Prank & It Goes Weirdly Wrong

post-itsGood news for over 50 teens in Indiana: Suspensions are being lifted for those behind the Cascade High School senior prank involving 12,000 Post-It notes stuck on the walls and windows of the school (in a variety of colors and patterns, many of which were quite lovely, actually), as well as the dozens of other kids who staged a sit-in to protest the prankster's punishment in the school gymnasium.

Even better? The custodian accused of helping the kids stick it to da man apparently will NOT be fired after all.

This is like a fairy tale! The school administrators actually came to their senses! That almost never happens!!!

Perhaps the seniors' explanation for their "offense" put the matter into perspective ...


“We figured it's cheap, easy, creative, it doesn't damage anything,” said bewildered/suspended student Anthony Canaday when asked why the kids chose Post-Its to "vandalize" their school.

Pretty thoughtful for a practical joking teen.

I mean, consider the alternatives.

Typical senior pranks range from messy to downright dangerous. I've heard of everything from turning hallways into Slip n' Slides to gluing thumbtacks on toilet sets to letting hundreds of rats loose in classrooms.

Post-Its don't really seem like that huge of a deal now, do they?

I'm going to guess that somebody figured out the kids were telling the truth when they said they weren't trespassing on school grounds after hours (the official grounds for suspension) because a member of the school board was in on the prank and gave them a key.

Whoops, never mind! Carry on.

Why do you think the Post-It note pranksters' suspensions were lifted?


Image via Xavi Talleda/Flickr

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