9-Year-Old Launches Presidential Campaign -- Watch Out Obama!

votePresident Barack Obama, consider this your official notice. There's a new name in the ring for president. Reylynn Caster is 9 years old, and she knows she can't technically take the gig until 2040. But the Kansas resident knows the early bird gets the worm.

She's campaigning. Now. She's even got business cards and her own campaign fund.

Now that's what you call being proactive. Attention, folks living inside the Beltway? You should be so lucky as to have a kid like this.


Heck, I want to have her come have a talk with my daughter about having ambition and doing things for the right reasons. The little girl doesn't want to be the president because it will make her famous -- although she's already getting national media attention. Instead Caster's mom says, "She wants to change the way that people treat other people."

And lest you think that's just the words of a mom trying to make her kid sound like a saint, check out one of Reylynn's comments on Facebook when asked what she thinks of President Obama being re-elected:

I feel it is important to support any president that is elected. Because it is a hard job and no matter what decisions they make for us, some people will agree and disagree no matter what.

It's that kind of attitude that we need in Congress but, more to the point, also in our school hallways and on the playground. If we can teach our kids that it's one thing to stand up for what you believe in, another thing to bash people over the head with our beliefs, we may be able to stop this whole bullying thing in its tracks. Sadly what kids see in politics these days is more or less the opposite of what we want them to do.

Politicians are too busy trying to get elected to act like human beings. Maybe having a 9-year-old in the campaign ring with them isn't such a bad idea. I notice people tend to tone down their cursing and attitude when you walk into a group with a young child; perhaps Reylynn could do the same on Capitol Hill.

If she were my daughter, I know I'd feel like I was doing something right. How about you?


Image via hjl/Flickr

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