Uptight Moms Spray Lysol on Dirty Dancing Teenagers

prom corsageFire up your DeLoreans. This bit of news will send you hurtling back in time. Two uptight moms were absolutely horrified to see high schoolers "dirty dancing" at their prom. So what's a concerned chaperon to do? They sprayed Lysol all over those grimy grinding girls and guys.

Way to go ... straight to jail? The mothers, who were also caught screaming "slut" and "whore" at the girls -- because dagnabit those harlots are leading those good boys down a path of no return -- are now facing all sorts of legal issues. Obviously their method of dealing with the "problem" was all kinds of crazy. But is dirty dancing really a problem anyway?


These Colorado moms' methods aren't the only thing that stink here. Freaking out at kids who dirty dance is just plain silly ... no matter how you do it.

Scientists have yet to determine some intrinsic link between dirty dancing and coitus. In fact, if some of these parents used a little common sense, they'd note that kids dirty dancing in the middle of the high school gymnasium are actually too busy to find a quiet backroad to go parking. You got that? Dirty dancing could actually prevent sexual activity!

In real life, dirty dancing kids are just that. They're kids getting into the music and using their bodies to show it. And sure, there may be some things popping inside those boys' pants, but it's nothing that doesn't happen in the middle of a classroom when a teenage guy has a particularly naughty thought cross his mind. Ever notice there comes an age when boys suddenly need to carry their bookbags around in the FRONT of their bodies, specifically over the pelvic area? That has nothing to do with dancing, y'all!

Would you let your kid dirty dance at the prom?


Image via Capeside/Flickr

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