Mom Confession: I Bribe My Kid to Do as He's Told (VIDEO)

cofee shop confessionsHey, everybody bribes their kids now and then, right? One way or another, in some way, shape, or form. As Alex McCord points out in the latest episode of CafeMom Studios' Coffee Shop Confessions, she pays her children for good behavior -- it's called an allowance, and it's the only reason why they make their beds!

Of course the mom featured in this week's all-too-real confession, "I Bribed My Kid for Mother's Day," was talking about a slightly different arrangement ...


All the poor woman wanted was for her 14-year-old son to cut his "surfer dude" hair. But he refused. So when Mother's Day rolled around, she sweetened the deal by 50 bucks.

Even the most surfer dude-iest teen can't refuse his own mother on Mother's Day ... when she's offering cold hard cash!

But should a mom have to bribe her own child on Mother's Day? No way, says Julia Knight. "Buzz him for free!"

Personally? I'm with Andrew Shue: As long as he's keeping his grades up and not getting into trouble, let him keep the long hair!

Would you bribe your kid to cut his hair?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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