Brilliant 12-Year-Old Hands Banking System Its Butt (VIDEO)

Victoria GraceFrankly, I don't know much about the banking system in the United States or beyond. I took enough economics courses to get by, but typically I find that world painfully boring and just want my checks to cash and my interest rates to stay low. So let's just say that listening to a 12-year-old talk about corruption in the world banking system was not high on my list.

Then I kept seeing this video of Victoria Grant pop up. In it, the young girl gives a scathing account of why the Canadian banking system and much of the world is in debt in an amazingly articulate and cutting speech at the Public Banking Institute that has gone viral. Even if you have no idea what she means by the "collusion" between governments and financial institutions, you'll be impressed. If you do understand, you'll be even more impressed.


Beyond the insane knowledge she has of the subjects at hand, her composure is incredible. To stand up there before all of those people and speak on such a complex subject is amazing. It makes me wonder what kind of training she's had or if it's a natural gift.

In any case, she provides a good reminder that we should start talking to our children from a young age about the issues of the world, even if they seem too complex or overwhelming for young minds. You never know what's going to excite them and how their ideas might one day change the world. 

Do your children show an interest in world events and issues?


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