Awe-Inspiring Kindergartner Does Something Adult Athletes Only Dream Of (VIDEO)

6-year-old triple playA 19-year-old named Bryce Harper just became the youngest Major League Baseball player in well over a decade to hit a homer. Too bad his baseball accomplishment is completely eclipsed by what a 6-year-old did on the diamond this month. Ross Bernath is only a kindergartner, and he's already made an unassisted triple play.

If you're not a sports fan, let me spell out what that means: one player makes three outs, all in one continuous play. Still not convinced that this Georgia 6-year-old is the coolest kid ever? This has happened 15 times in Major League Baseball history. That's over more than a century of professionals playing the game!


Even "regular" triple plays, which involve more than one player are pretty rare. There have been less than 700 over the years in the big leagues. So put up against Harper's accomplishment, and there's no contest. Players homer all the time. Kindergartners make unassisted triple plays, well ... never. Check this kid out (he's the shortstop):

Oh. my. God.

The sports fan in me says get this kid a New York Yankees uniform, stat! Or at least send Derek Jeter down to mentor Ross!

The parent in me, on the other hand, admits that he's just 6. What he did is downright incredible, and a sign that he may have the talent to take it to the big leagues. But I've seen what happens with some of these kids. The parents spot a spark of talent, and they push so hard that their phenom-to-be is burnt out by 14.

Here's hoping the Bernath family appreciates what they have right here: a little boy who is good at baseball, but even more importantly, has fun doing it. The longer a sport stays fun, the more kids get out of it. And if that's a major league contract one day, great. If it's just a lifelong commitment to exercise and stress relief, that's good too.

What do you make of this amazing little baseball player?


Image via berndogg12/YouTube

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