13-Year-Old Girl Actually Allows Dad to Dance at Her Bat Mitzvah (VIDEO)

bat mitzvah dadYou know how most 13-year-old kids are mortified by their parents' very existence? Like, don't make eye contact with me in public mortified? You can't be my mom I must have hatched out of an egg mortified?

That's what makes this video of Mike Hanley and his 13-year-old daughter Jessica dancing at her Bat Mitzvah so incredibly cool.

Not only is Jessica allowing her father to do a choreographed dance routine in front of who-knows-how-many family members and friends (and maybe cute boys), she's actually dancing with him. Voluntarily. And she looks happy about it!


Apparently Mike is a stand-up comedian, which must mean that his kids are used to him being kind of fun-loving and goofy and whaddya mean, I look silly? Who cares?

I absolutely love the message this video sends -- be comfortable with yourself and your kid will be comfortable with you (and probably herself, too).

She'll also have the best Bat Mitzvah memories ever.

Would you do a public dance routine like this with your kid?

Image via Today.com

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