Kids With Cancer Lip-Sync Heartbreaking Version of Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' (VIDEO)

cancer kids strongerHave your tissues ready? Good. Because there is nothing in this world that makes me cry like seeing children fighting cancer. And the hemoncology department at Seattle Children's Hospital is counting on that. They've taken Kelly Clarkson's power anthem, "Stronger," and made the viral video that will have everyone crying this week.

Crying. And then opening their checkbooks ... well, I hope anyway. If you watch children with no hair left on their heads lip-syncing to a song about being strong and don't have tears streaming down your face, I'm going to ahead and say it.


You are a cold, hard-hearted bi-you-know-what. Let's roll the videotape, shall we?

Those little bald heads just slayed me. I never "liked" the Big C, but since I actually had a kid, looking these children in the face has taken me to an emotional place I never knew existed. It's as if a new room in my brain opened up, where I now know what it's like to face a fear I never imagined.

But videos like this empower me too. They remind me that kids are strong, and kids can fight, and that we CAN do something about this horrible disease. The treatments for kids cancer are getting better every day, thanks to people who refuse to just sit there wailing and actually do something about it. These kids are strong, we can be too.

Do you know a kid fighting cancer? Why are they your hero?


Image via rumssauce/YouTube

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