Mom Confession: I Flip My Daughter the Bird Every Morning (VIDEO)

coffee shop confessionsI'm pretty sure this is my favorite episode of CafeMom Studios' Coffee Shop Confessions so far! That's because "I Flip My Daughter the Bird" is all about dealing with a teen girl, an experience waiting in my not-too-distant future, and as series regular Timberly Whitfield says in this clip, "I'm scared!"

What am I scared of? Quite honestly, I'm scared of ending up as frustrated and fed up as the mom in the video, who gets so annoyed with her moody adolescent daughter every morning that she "flips her the bird" as soon as she walks out the door.

Ha! Or, yikes!


Not that giving your kid the finger after she leaves the house is such a huge deal -- as Julia Knight wisely points out, it's better than killing the kid. Of course, it is also somewhat "passive-aggressive" (Alex McCord's comment), and maybe it WOULD be more effective to let out a loud scream (Andrew Shue's advice).

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All in all, I'd have to say this particular coping mechanism is fairly harmless. But I still don't want to feel that way when my kid is a teenager!

Would you ever flip your kid the bird?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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