6-Year-Old With Autism Blows Us Away on the Piano (VIDEO)

autistic kid billy joelGet ready for your weekend inspiration, everybody, with a side of musical accompaniment. What's better than that? I can tell you what's better than that, if Billy Joel himself waltzed into 6-year-old Ethan's house and sat down on the bench for a rollicking rendition of "Piano Man." Not that Ethan's version needs any help. Did I mention Ethan was only 6 years old?

Yes, this kid is only 6 but can pound that piano in a way that will put the average "Chopsticks" player to shame. Also, his passion for singing is quite extraordinary.

Check out this amazoids video.


That kid is so down with that "Piano Man" feeling and it shows in his performance. I also am suspicious that after 12 years of lessons, he might have surpassed my own piano skills by age 6.

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All of this is to say, the way we look at children on the spectrum should include the positive as well as the challenges. After all, the autistic and Asperger kids (and adults) that I know all have things going on that are -- in whatever way -- exceptional. Be it a special talent, skill, or simply perspective.

I'm sure while you're in the middle of working to make sure your child with autism is getting what he or she needs, it can be difficult to look at what is amazing about that same child. But hopefully this video of Ethan reminds us all of the multi-faceted personalities and abilities of those who live every day on the spectrum.

Bravo, Ethan!

What's your kid's special talent?

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