'Skywalking' Is Just the Latest Way for Bored Kids to Potentially Hurt Themselves

skywalkerSo I'm starting to think of teen fads in terms of horror movies sequels: "First, The Cinnamon Challenge scared you senseless ... then, The Choking Game gave you nightmares ... the terror continued with Hand Sanitizer Buzzkill ... now the fright fest hits new heights with Skywalking!"

Oh yes, it's true -- teens have come up with yet another way to amuse/potentially kill themselves: Skywalking "involves climbing to great heights, perching over a ledge, and snapping a vertigo-inducing photograph." Fabulous.

So far skywalking has only hit "trend" status in Russia, but bearing in mind what excellent judgment American teens seem to have (see above fads), I can only assume this new behavior will take off in the U.S. within the next five minutes or so.

As a mother of two, the older of whom is (gasp!) a bonafide tween, skywalking means the same thing to me as all the other stupid stunts ...


Teens have WAY too much free time on their hands. These kids are bored out of their minds!! I hate to sound like a Puritan (ha! That rarely happens), but the whole "idle hands are the devil's workshop" thing is soooo true when it comes to adolescents. They're old enough to drive and go places by themselves and do all sorts of "adult" things but NOT old enough to exercise any sort of good judgment.

Which means they must be kept busy at all times.

I don't honestly know how I'm going to keep my kids busy at all times, so I'm not saying this is an easy fix, but I can't think of any other way. As my kids get older, though, and I hear more about teens doing inane crap they couldn't have done if they'd been at soccer practice or in a tutoring session or rehearsing for a play, I've become more and more sympathetic to parents I used to think were guilty of "overscheduling" their children.

Idle hands, idle hands ...

Why do you think teens are doing so many stupid, dangerous things?


Image via Jeffrey Smith/Flickr

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