Girl Is Hit With Ball During Tennis Lessons So Her Parents Do the Obvious ... They Sue

tennis ballKids get hurt. All the time. This is one of those unfortunate realities we're forced to accept, as parents: Our kids will get banged and bruised and broken in billions of ways. All we can do is hope none of those injuries are TOO serious.

Another thing: Our kids will hurt other kids. Not always on purpose. This is another one of those unfortunate realities we're forced to accept, as parents.

But here's something that's completely unacceptable: A 13-year-old girl getting sued by a classmate because she accidentally hit her in the eye with a tennis ball during -- you guessed it! -- tennis lessons at school.

Whoa, she's getting sued?! That tennis ball must've done some major damage!

Actually -- nope. In fact, the "victim" (an Australian private school student named Finley Enright-Burns) didn't even have to go to the hospital for her alleged "bruised eye."

Still, her exceedingly litigious family is suing Julia Wright-Smith for unspecified damages.


Honestly, I just don't even know how to wrap my head around this one. Would I sue a 13-year-old kid if her crappy tennis skills "bruised" my daughter's eye? Would it even occur to me? No, of course not.

Would I fall over in shock if I got served with papers because my daughter hit some other kid in the eye with a tennis ball? Of course I would.

Which is why I'm more than sympathetic to Guy Wright-Smith, Julia's cardiologist dad. He said he was "gobsmacked" when he got wind of the damages claim.

I couldn't believe it when I opened this legal letter addressed to my 13-year-old daughter," he said.

"It's bizarre ... beyond belief."

Pretty much. Wright-Smith also said that Julian and Finley were "friends."

I bet they're not friends anymore, thanks to Finley's parents.

Does this story surprise you? Or do you think people will sue over anything these days -- even a 13-year-old kid's mistake?


Image via Denver Wang/Flickr

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