Mom Goes to Extremes to Get Daughter Crowned Prom Queen

brandy day prom queenA Texas mom, Tammy Day, wants her daughter, Brandy Day, to have the best prom ever -- and win her bid as prom queen so much that she rented a billboard that says, “Vote Brandy Day for prom queen!

And I say, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Every mom wants to help her child have a great senior year. And most parents do help their kids take advantage of every opportunity afforded them. If your child wants to win the science fair, you'll pull an all-nighter testing their theory. If she sets her mind on a particular sport, you help her train so she can perform to the best of her ability. When your kid runs for office, student government, captain of something or other and, yes, even prom king or queen, you support them in their efforts. As parents this is part of our job.

We do it willingly. We pay for college applications, university visits and spring break trips. We shell out money for ballet, cello, and soccer. We spend countless hours volunteering to coach, help backstage, chaperon and drive because we want our children to know that we support them and want them to succeed.  How is this billboard any different than helping your child make hundreds of sparkly, glittertastic poster boards and helping her hang them all over the school and town?

I don’t think it is. It might sound completely over the top to buy your daughter billboard space to help her campaign for prom queen, but wouldn’t any of us do everything in our power to help our child have the most fulfilling experience, if we could? And it's perfectly ok for a mom to do whatever she can to help her kids enjoy life, as long as the parent isn't directing what the child wants -- and isn't leaving your family financially destitute.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to help your child succeed at something?

Image via SeanMcGrath/ Flickr

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