'Day of Silence' Shuts Kids Up for a Great Cause

day of silenceHave a teenager who refused to talk to you this morning? Stop freaking. Just because it's 4/20 day doesn't mean they took a few bong hits before school. LGBT activists have co-opted the official holiday of pot smokers for a greater cause: the National Day of Silence.

While their peers are getting baked, teenagers who have sealed their lips for the day are fighting discrimination against LGBT kids around the world. The goal is to create "safer" schools for all kids, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that's a lot more worthwhile than hitting the weed today.


No offense to folks who are fond of the ganja. I really have no major feelings about marijuana one way or the other ... for adults.

But we spend a lot of time wringing our hands and moaning about how awful today's teenagers are. The picture of another one of them passed out on the couch after an afternoon doing something that is still technically illegal is not one that gives us much hope for the future. Thousands of high school students giving up on gabbing for an entire day to stand in solidarity with their fellow man, on the other hand? That's the kind of thing that actually makes me weepy ... in a good way.

I have no problem with my kid going to school and being quiet for an entire day, even if it does make teachers uncomfortable. The more kids who take part in projects like the Day of Silence, the more in-your-face proof bullies have that their narrow-minded ways will not be tolerated. Not to mention, the more kids who get involved, the more evidence there is for the kids who are struggling to find acceptance that they are not alone.

What are your kids doing to celebrate today?


Image via Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network

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