Dad Makes Starstuck Daughter's Dream of Meeting 'One Direction' Come True (VIDEO)

one direction dadWhen you're a teenager, seeing the boy band du jour -- or attempting to see them -- is a rite of passage. Watching the four or five guys who've invaded your iPod, your locker, and your Trapper Keeper in person is the stuff teen dreams are made of. And it's something others (read: non-teen girls) just don't understand. Except for "One Direction Dad."

It's pretty much been Anthony Lee's life mission the past two years to get his daughter, Catie Rose, tickets to see One Direction, her (and everyone's!) favorite boy band. He tried everything. The Internet, phone calls, entering competitions ad nauseum, but nothing ever materialized. Then one day he and his daughter had the stroke of genius to wait outside the venue where the O.D. boys were having a photoshoot. And it happened. Not only did Catie finally get to see the pop stars IRL, she got hugs and autographs to boot. She was ecstatic. But not as ecstatic as her dad. You need to see this adorable video of "One Direction Dad." 


Obviously, a big part of parenthood is sharing in your child's experiences -- their ups and their downs. But some things just aren't all that easy to relate to. And I'm assuming that freaking out over a silly boy band -- when you're not a teen anymore -- is one of those things. It's amazingly sweet (and telling) that Anthony was able to get this excited over something for his daughter. I hope I'm this awesome when I'm a parent.

How cute is this? What's the most excited you've ever gotten over something your child experienced?

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