'Caine's Arcade': How One Kid's Creative Genius Brings a Community Together (VIDEO)

caine's arcadeCaine Monroy isn't your typical 9-year-old boy. He likes video games and toys and, of course, arcades. But that's not the thing that makes him unique. (Obviously.) What makes Caine so special is the fact that he built his very own makeshift arcade out of cardboard boxes, calculators, and random bits and bobbles in the back of his dad's auto parts store last summer, and called the place, appropriately, Caine's Arcade. And despite the fact that the "video games" aren't the most high-tech you've ever seen, Caine's Arcade is incredible. It's a jam-packed magical world of imagination and fun -- a world only a child could dream up.

Thing was, though, Caine only had one customer: Nirvan Mullick. But once Nirvan found out that he was Caine's one and only, he changed that in the biggest way possible.

Check out Caine's heartwarming, amazing story -- with the fantastic surprise at the end.


The smile on Caine's face is so incredible when he sees all the people lined up for his arcade. And he gets right down to business, too, opening the shop up for all of his customers. No doubt, this was one of the best days of Caine's life -- and watching this video probably made yours a little better, too.

How great is Caine? What imaginative things does your kid do?


Image via Nirvan Mullick/Vimeo

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