Blind 15-Year-Old Plays the Piano Like Nobody's Business (VIDEO)

blind teen pianoTruly awe-inspiring talent is rare, but blind 15-year-old pianist Kuha'o has exactly that: A gift so exceptional I got teary-eyed watching him play. Of course I do happen to be a mom and maybe I've been known to cry over the occasional story of a kid overcoming huge challenges but ... Kuha'o is different. Trust me.

Apparently blind since he was a baby, Kuha'o can play any song on the piano -- after hearing it just once. ANY song. Just once! As someone who grew up playing the piano, I can tell you this is no small feat. It's pretty much miraculous.

His buddy thinks so, too -- that's why he made a video of the entire process (Kuha'o listening to a song and then playing it perfectly) and posted it on his YouTube channel.


Who knows, Kuha'o's friend might have done him the favor of a lifetime by showcasing his skills online! I can't imagine this video won't lead to some big opportunities (scholarships, maybe?):

Isn't he amazing? (Doesn't he kind of break your heart?)

Have you ever known someone with a talent like this?


Image via surfwyoming5/YouTube

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