Barbie for President: Why She Should Get Your Daughter's Vote

barbie for presidentElection year chats with kids can be confusing. Especially during this most contentious year of name-calling, woman-hating nastiness. But never fear, Barbie is here! That's right, Barbie is running for President of the United States -- again -- and this year it seems incredibly appropriate that you let your daughters play along with this particular pink campaign.

As Barbie's "I Can Be" project has shown us, Barbie can have any dang job she sets her mind to, and so can our daughters. So her continued run for the nation's highest office is a natural fit.

Here are 5 reasons your kids should pull the lever for Barbie on election day:

  1. She's the only woman on any ticket (so far), and The White House Project and Barbie are correct in that we need to turn that house pink.
  2. I have a feeling Barbie likes her birth control. I mean, we haven't seen any babies between Barbie and Ken and they've been together, what, 35 years? Someone is on the pill. And will support a woman's right to plan her family.
  3. Barbie is running as a "B" Party Candidate, which gives all of the disenfranchised voters a third party to turn to when they're fed up.
  4. She's clearly the best-dressed candidate in the field, what with her campaign outfit designed by Chris Benz, The Prince of Color. Also, she's wearing sensible heels.
  5. Barbie is way in touch with the youth vote, which is important. Barbie already has a tumblr blog, what's next, Pinterest?

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Stand with Barbie as she stands on her own (it's true! she totally has this new magnetic thing that allows her stand up without help!) for America, ladies, and childhood toys everywhere.

Are you on Team Barbie?

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