8-Year-Old Saves Friend's Life With Trick Every Kid Can Learn (VIDEO)

Samantha KelleyTake it from a mom who has been there: good playdate pals for your kids are hard to find. When you find one, you treat them like gold. So here's betting 8-year-old Samantha Kelley is quite in demand in her neighborhood.

The Washington girl realized her best buddy was choking on a slice of tangerine (score one for healthy playdate snacks!), and she sprung into action. Instead of calling for help -- which most kids would do -- Samantha gave her the Heimlich maneuver herself!


By the time Samantha's mom got into the room to help, the food had already been dislodged, and the other child was safe. What got me while watching video of the little girl showing off what she'd done on a teddy bear was just how little she is! And little Samantha has made it her mission to prove that kids as young as 4 years old can be taught how to save lives.

She's got a point. Pediatricians always warn that parents should be trained in first aid and CPR techniques so we can protect our kids, but how many of us actually pass on the knowledge? That should change. Now.

If you don't know how (shame, shame), there are plenty of YouTube videos nowadays that demonstrate the process correctly (here's one on performing the Heimlich on kids, and another on doing it for adults). Or call your kids over to check this little hero out in action to get inspired:

Got a kid who is as cool under pressure as little Samantha? You can also enroll your kids in a Red Cross-certified babysitting course that will cover a lot of the basics of emergency care. They usually start around age 11, but check around your neighborhood to see what other emergency organizations offer. There may be modified classes for kids.

What kind of first aid techniques have you taught your kids? How old were they when you started?

Image via King5

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