Kid Does Amazing Backflips -- But Still Can't Get No Attention (VIDEO)

teen backflipThere are two questions you'll be left with after watching this video of a Canadian teen doing backflips in random public places (well, after the obvious "Dang, where'd that kid learn how to do a backflip?").

The first: Why aren't more people reacting?

Sure, he gets a fair amount of applause, some smiles ... but a shocking number of observers just kind of glance over for a second and go right back to whatever they were doing without missing a beat. Huh. A kid did a backflip in a fast food joint. Whatever.

Oh, modern society ... how jaded we've become.

The second question is perhaps more pressing ...


Are we raising our kids to be desperate attention-seekers?

Here's the thing: When our kids are little, we treat them like royalty -- in the sense that we follow them around like parental paparazzi, completely convinced that every milestone is nothing less than breaking news. Oh! She went on the potty. I have to post it on Facebook. Or, Oh! He looks so adorable the way he eats spaghetti in his high chair. I have to make a video and put it up on YouTube.

Then at some point post-toddlerhood, a terrible thing occurs ... we stop thinking everything a child does is OMG adorable! I mean, we're still proud and pleased and interested and all of that, but we no longer feel the need to document and broadcast every waking moment.

That's gotta sting, at least a little bit. Kids must feel like one-hit wonders who fall off the charts or flavor-of-the-day movie stars when their sophomore effort is a box office bomb.

No wonder teens are posting videos of themselves choking down cinnamon and dressing up like ball-joint dolls and skateboarding off of cliffs and god knows what else. They just want someone to pay attention to them. Like it used to be, in the good old days ... the days of being effortlessly cute.

It's kinda sad, you know?

Seriously though, watch this video and tell me:

Aren't you surprised by how many people barely even reacted to the teen doing backflips? If I was that kid, at some point I'd probably freak out and start screaming: What do I have to do, huh? Set myself on fire and THEN do a backflip?!

Do you think we're setting our kids up to be desperate attention-seekers?


Image via Blimp01/YouTube

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