Pregnant Mannequins in Prom Dresses May Scare Parents More Than Teens

pregnant mannequinWhen you are a parent, the words "teen pregnancy" paired together is worse than "bed bugs." Of course you don't want bed bugs, but at least you can just burn the bed and never return to the house again to avoid them. Teen pregnancy is a lot more complicated than that.

The United Way in Wisconsin has seen a decrease in teen pregnancies since they've employed some unconventional tactics, and their latest stunt involves the shops where teens buy their prom dresses. They're dressing up pregnant mannequins along with the tag, "A prom date is better without a due date."

Is it just me or does this mannequin look awesome?


Can we agree that most mannequins are thinner than most Americans? And so what that this mannequin has a little fake baby bump, the dress still looks fantastic. If anything, it sort of glamorizes pregnancy.

Maybe that's just what I see? I'm all for some scare tactics to get teens to rethink unsafe sex but maybe they should try something a little more realistic like an ill fitting gown that doesn't look flattering next to another mannequin in a tattered prom dress covered in spit-up and holding a baby doll that screams?

Don't read that wrong -- pregnancy is beautiful. Babies aren't terrible. I truly never felt more beautiful than when I was pregnant and I love babies! We glow and we're gorgeous -- and we all know moms aren't all a tattered mess (all the time). But we have to send a message to our kids so they aren't getting pregnant before they are ready. So whatever it takes, right?

Still I don't think banning sexy prom dresses will stop kids from having sex either.

Nicole Angresano of the United Way told Fox 11 Good Day Wisconsin about her campaign:

We have to be aggressive in our approach. We have to give it to them straight. We have to be hard-hitting. We can’t put soft pieces out there. We can’t be touchy feely about this.

It seems to be working so far -- there are more than 30 percent fewer teen pregnancies in Wisconsin since they began in 2006.

I want it to work -- I just think the campaign should go a little further. But if it makes just one teen think twice, then it's still a success.

What do you think of the pregnant mannequin in prom dress tactic to scare teens?

Image via Fox 11

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