Good Parents Aren't Scared of Undercover Officers Hiding in High Schools

copMost TV sitcoms are so ridiculous that the idea of having them re-created in my kid's school leaves me under-impressed ... to say the least. But the real-life 21 Jump Street type situation at a California high school has me -- and I'd imagine plenty of other parents -- saying, "Yes please!" Turns out baby-faced undercover officer Alex Salinas took 12 kids into custody for drug charges during his stint as a "student" at Exeter High School.

When I saw 12 -- as in a dozen -- I had one of those "OMG, I feel old" moments and wanted to fan myself. I can't imagine a dozen of these scumbags hanging out with my daughter.


I wasn't born yesterday. I'm fully aware that there are teenagers doing drugs, and that there are kids buying at the local high school. They were there when I was a kid (although, I swear, either I was clueless or kids in my neck of the woods really were content with pot instead of going into the hard stuff territory), and they're there today.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

We already have school resource officers in my neck of the woods, generally state troopers who pop into the schools, try to get friendly with the kids, and find out what's going on. Problem is, they wear their uniforms, so kids know from the get-go that they're the po-po. From what I understand (I know some of the officers personally), they still get tips, and they follow up leads, and it's worth it. Sounds good to me; the safer, the better, right?

I send my kid into a school building to get an education. That's it, y'all. So I was a wee bit confused by complaints I saw around the web about police departments following a 21 Jump Street kind of policing style. It seems parents are concerned about big brother watching their kids.

And I get that. I do. But if a cop is going to be nabbing my kid on something and expects that the charges that will stick in court, it means she is doing something that I don't want her to do! I hate to say it, but if you're scared of cops in the schools, you might want to look at your parenting ... are you worried about big brother or are you worried about what your kid is doing?

Would you be comfortable with a narc in your kid's school? What would you do if they nabbed your kid?


Image via davidsonscott15/Flickr

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