Surprise Guest Turns High School Speech Presentation Into a Tearjerker (VIDEO)

soldier surprise daughter onstageSniff, sniff! And I thought the videos of parents surprising preschoolers with military homecomings were tearjerkers! As this clip proves, the reunion of a soldier Daddy and his little girl is heartbreakingly sweet even when that little girl isn't so little anymore (try an 18-year-old high school senior).

You've got to watch the girl's face. Just imagine being in her shoes:

Your father has been in Afghanistan for a year serving in the U.S. Army. But you can't think about that today, because you're captain of the speech team and you're up on the stage, where you just nailed your 10-minute speech (woo-hoo!).

And then you hear your teacher say something about a special guest ...


Here's what I really love: This girl clearly had no idea her dad was coming home. But as soon as she heard the teacher say "Afghanistan," she lost it. She must have known he was there somehow, somewhere deep in her heart.

And he brought flowers!

Oh, lord. Get ready to cry:

Isn't this one of the sweetest homecomings ever?


 Image via BobJohnson1984/YouTube


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