Little Girls Can Be Bullies Too -- Just Ask Katie Couric (VIDEO)

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If you're a grown woman, then you were once a little girl, and odds are you don't need Katie Couric to tell you that little girls can be bullies -- and super scary ones at that! Most likely you have a whole Dear Diary full of mean girl experiences to back up this often overlooked fact. I know I do!

That said, until bullying is gone, there can never be too many celebrities bringing awareness to the many aspects of this topic -- so I'm happy to see Katie Couric speaking out about her sister's experience being bullied by girls. In fact, we're thrilled to be able to share the exclusive debut of Katie Couric's PSA about bullying, which she made in coordination with the upcoming and much-anticipated documentary film Bully.

Let's take a look at what Katie Couric has to say.


At a special screening of the film Bully last week, Katie Couric spoke out about her own sister's childhood experience with bullying:

I know my sister was bullied when she was younger and it was really, really upsetting to our whole family ... we still talk about what you do when a whole group of girls gangs up on you. And sometimes talking about it or going to the authorities makes it even worse.

A group of young girls may not be the terrorizing gang you think of when pondering the cruel act of bullying; however, let me tell you, bullies come in all shapes and sizes and ages and genders, and when several kids (even little girls) gang up on you at school, it can leave the bullied child in a terrifying, lonely, and helpless place. Without intervention, bullying can become intolerable and have devastating effects and outcomes.

Check out our exclusive debut of the PSA with Katie Couric:

The movie Bully was originally slated to have an R rating, much to its supporters' dismay, but thankfully they have changed it to Not Rated. Hoping this change and all the celebrity endorsements (Ellen!) for the film will get more eyes on this painful but important film. Bully opens in select theaters this Friday, March 30. Check local listings for showtimes.

Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year. Three million will be absent from school this month because of the emotional and physical toll of bullying. We can no longer remain silent while this epidemic rips through our schools and communities. Take a stand.

Were you bullied when you were little? How did you handle it?


Image via Bully Project

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