High School Overreacts to Student's Use of the F-Word

cuss boxA high school senior in Indiana was caught dropping the f-bomb on Twitter. And in other shocking news, the earth is round. What did you say? You're not shocked by either of these bits of knowledge? Well let me add to it! The cursing teenager has been expelled from high school for his use of the f-word.

That's right, ladies and germs. Austin Carroll cannot graduate with his class at Garrett High School, go to prom, or do any other normal teenager things because he acted like a normal teenager.


It seems some high school administrators have forgotten what it was like when they were teenagers, back when cursing was still fun. You remember, don't you? It was a little naughty, but that's kind of the point of building your cussing vocab when you're in high school. Teens start to test out words that were taboo for years, and it's going to take them awhile to figure out when and where to use them.

They will learn that cursing in most social situations ends up making you look like an idiot. And they will learn that there are times when a certain four-letter word makes you feel better.

In an added twist of irony, Caroll's Tweet, which I should note was not directed at someone (we're not talking Internet threats ... which falls under bullying), was meant to show just how versatile this particular epithet can be:

F---ing is one of those f---ing words you can f---ing put anywhere in a f---ing sentence and it still f---ing make sense.

I have to agree with him. I'm a grown adult, and I'll cop to some fanship for the f-word. What's not to love? I'm old enough that it's not an everyday word anymore. I gave that up when I was probably just a little older than Austin Carroll, when I had actual bills to pay and a job that required me to act with decorum. But sometimes, there is just no other word that will do. Like when you're on your fourth computer crash of the day. It is perfectly acceptable to inform said computer that it is a "f---ing" piece of garbage. Especially when you work at home. Alone. And depend on that computer.

Folks, I'm not about to sign my 6-year-old up for a "learn your four-letter words in one hour" course. We don't curse around her. But I've accepted that one day, when she's moved into double-digit age category, it's going to happen. She's going to use one, and instead of a reprimand, I'm going to roll my eyes and let it happen.

Kids have to learn some time. So I just can't see a reason to expel a kid for a little cursing -- whether he made that note while using a school computer (he says he didn't) or at home.

How about you? What age do expect cursing to start at?


Image via GranniesKitchen/Flickr

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