Porn Star SHOULD Go to Prom With Teen -- Come On, People!

prom corsageIf you were a quiet, shy high school teen who couldn't get a date to the prom, what would be the ultimate experience for you? What would turn you into "the man"? Would it be: A) Not going to the prom at all; B) going to the prom solo; or C) waltzing into the Starry Nights-themed event with a smokin' hot porn star on your arm? I presume you know where I'm going with this.

Mike Stone, 18, is a student at a Minnesota high school and his quandary was just that -- he couldn't get a date to his senior prom. Bummer, right? But instead of locking himself in his room, wallowing in self-pity, Stone took things into his own hands. He asked a porn star named Megan Piper to the event -- and in true Hollywood rom-com fashion, she said yes!

But once the school got wind of it, they said no. Party. Poopers.


Patty Phillips, superintendent of Mike's school, is forbidding Piper from attending the prom -- where no debauchery whatsoever will take place, right? -- because her being there would not be "in the best interest" of the school. But ... what about Mike Stone's best interest? Poor dude. Him going to the prom alone -- or not at all -- doesn't seem to be what's best.

Look, I get that having a porn star in the high school gymnasium isn't the best PR move a school can make -- and it's likely to draw some complaints from people, but for the love of God, the woman isn't going to be "performing" while she's there. She's just going to be someone's date. Someone who couldn't get a date's date. It'll make him feel like the man.

If I were the mother of a teen, I can't say I'd be thrilled about my kid going to a prom where a porn star would be yuckin' it up -- never mind the mom of a teen who was going with one. But I certainly wouldn't complain or try to stop it. Sometimes, you gotta let the guy get the girl, right? Even if the girl is a porn star.

Do you think Megan Piper should be allowed at prom?


Image via Varin Tsai/Flickr

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