Trayvon Martin Killing Breaks Every Mother's Heart

million hoodies marchThe strongest reaction I've seen to the Trayvon Martin killing has been from parents. I know when I first read about how he was killed, I felt immediate pain for his parents, Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton. How their hearts must be breaking, how angry and powerless they must be feeling.

Parents all over the country were shocked and hurt by the shooting. But they're transforming their sorrow to outrage and standing by Tracy and Sabrina. Trayvon's parents were in New York yesterday in time for a "Million Hoodies March" (Trayvon had been wearing a hoodie). But I've seen parents supporting Tracy and Sabrina and calling for justice in other inspiring ways.


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Many parents are sending the Sanford Police Department a message. They're mailing empty Skittles bags to underscore how Trayvon was unarmed when he was killed. (Skittles are what he was holding while shot.) Many parents want the police chief, Bill Lee, Jr., to be fired. But beyond that, sending Skittles wrappers is a way to protest the killing of an innocent child. (UPDATE: Lee has "stepped aside" in wake of controversy.)

Some black parents are especially troubled by the case and are talking about its implications. Jonathan Capehart talks about the rules black parents set for their kids to keep them safe -- from bias intimidation. It's sad that parents need to have these conversations with their kids at all. Here's one mom asking how we explain Trayvon Martin to our kids.

Legal expert and mother Jennifer Granholm talks about why "Stand Your Ground" is no defense -- and admits that her own white son does not face the same threat.

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The most powerful message I've heard was a simple photo a friend of mine posted to Facebook: "I am a mother. A mother who wants justice for Trayvon Martin, because while I am not Trayvon's mother my son could be, and I don't want to see any more innocent children killed at the hands of racist murderers."

Do you feel more affected by Trayvon Martin's killing as a parent?


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