Free Condoms for Middle School Kids Is Just Plain INSANE

Schools should not be providing condoms to middle schoolers. This seems obvious, no? But not everyone agrees, it seems.

A school committee in Springfield, Massachusetts approved a policy that would make condoms available to kids over the age of 12 as part of a comprehensive reproductive health policy to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

That is one hell of a school supply. Can you imagine this popping up on your school’s “wish list” items? I wonder, will they have to ask the school nurse for condoms? Or maybe they will put them in one of those neat little dispensers in the boys' bathroom.


No questions will be asked. There is no "write your name down so we can call your Mama" policy. It's Springfield, Massachusetts’ very own Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy. It's a license to be promiscuous and experiment sexually. At 12. Fantastic.

These children don't have the social skills and maturity to know how to deal with this. This is wrong and I am floored. Yes, I am lying on the floor passed out typing this post.

As long as children (and they are children) meet the age of consent (12 in Springfield), parents will NOT be informed. They can, however, write a note to opt out, assuming the children even manage to deliver it.

Who the hell are these people? What the hell gives them the right to do this without parental permission? They work for us, right? This is a damn infringement of parental rights if ever I saw one! Thank GOD my kids are going to Catholic school! No way condoms are getting anywhere near that joint. They kick you out if you even think about sex.

Officials say that there's no set age when sexual activity starts and students who ask for condoms will also receive counseling and information on abstinence. Okay, so we are expected to give these tweens condoms and not expect them to think it's okay to experiment? It's like giving them candy and saying not to eat it. They don't have the restraint. Are we going to see an increase in "date" rapes? Junior high boys are going to think since they were given the condoms with adult permission maybe that means free range to have sex with whatever little girl they choose.

This is ridiculous. What next, passing out guns when kids start SECOND grade? Whose brilliant idea was this to give junior high school students condoms? Is there a special brand made to fit children? No way a condom made for a grown man’s junk is going to fit a junior high schooler's penis! I don't have little boys so I don't know how that works but I do feel that by doing this they have made the world a little lot less safe unsafe for little girls.

What's next? Free abortion clinics operating out of the gymnasium at the middle school? Maybe free crack if you make the AB honor roll?

How do you feel about condoms being passed out to junior high students?


Image via Kain Road Cul de Sac/Flickr

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