Insane Teen Texting Rate Scares Me With Babysitters

textingI don't know about you, but finding the right babysitter for our son is an almost impossible feat. All the teenagers in our neighborhood are incredibly busy. And they're always moving off to college. So when you find someone great, you really want it to work out well.

I was totally feeling like I had this babysitter question wrapped up -- our neighbor's highly responsible and sensible daughter has been watching our son on occasional evenings. We're all set, hooray! But then I heard the disturbing news today: Teens are sending and receiving over 60 text messages every day. On average. And for girls it's actually more like 100 texts a day. Should I be worried about our new sitter?


Seriously, 100 texts a day! And the numbers are just going up. That sounds like a lot. To compare, on an active day, I'll send and receive maybe 10 -- and half the time it's a lot of "I'll me you here at 3:00." "Okay, I'm at the playground now." "What's for dinner?" You know, simple logistics. I'm not having an actual conversation or anything.

A lot of schools don't allow phones or other devices in the classroom, which means kids are doing it all after school. While they're watching my kid! Maybe. Should I be limiting texts while babysitting? Should I bother making a rule if there's no way to enforce it because I'm not there? Maybe just saying "please no texting" will at least set some sort of expectations. I hope so, anyway. Sounds like a conversation I need to have, at any rate.

Ugh, this kind of makes me nervous. Maybe I don't even want to know.

Did you know teens text this much? Does this make you nervous about hiring teens as babysitters?


Image via Zawezome/Flickr

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