There's Nothing Wrong With Little Girls Wearing Bikinis

little girl in a bikini at the fountainThere is a lot of controversy over whether little girls should be allowed to wear bikinis, or if bikinis should even be made for little girls, period. But for me, it has never been much of a heated topic.

I have two little girls, ages 4 and 6, and I have put them in bikinis since they were babies. We are not a bikini exclusive household, mind you. They also wear one-piece bathing suits and I also only buy the girls age appropriate and size appropriate bikinis. But still, they do wear two-piece suits. What's the big deal?


There is nothing sexual or inappropriate about a child wearing a bikini. There are no private parts that fall out of the bikini. There are no curves to catch the eyes of strange men.

I understand the claim that it may be alluring to pedophiles. But isn't this sort of like blaming a rape victim for wearing something too provocative? Let's blame the pedophile for being a pervert. Honestly, if someone is a pedophile, I'm not sure that what a child is wearing or not wearing has any bearing on the sick thoughts that might enter his mind. Just the thought of it makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth.

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Aside from an unfilled triangle top bikini being a bit illogical for a baby given the sun exposure, there is no harm as long as you use SPF 50 and slather kids up well.

Bikini bottoms can be pulled down easily, which, to some moms, means something unspeakably disgusting. To them I ask, why are you leaving these children unattended by water and strangers?

The fact is, it is every individual mom’s choice as to whether bikinis are acceptable or not. It is not open for discussion or scrutiny by strangers. A child's bathing suit shouldn't give people the right to judge another parent.

I am not putting my little girls in bikinis that are two sizes too small and it is not as if their genital areas are hanging out. There is no padding in the bikini top. So, there is no problem.

A two-piece tankini with full bottoms provides just as much coverage as a traditional one-piece with easier access for frequent preschooler potty trips. I am not putting my girls in hair and makeup and parading them around on stage like prized cattle. They swim with parents close by. What's the issue?

What are your thoughts on little girls wearing bikinis? Are you pro or con on the topic? Why?

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