High School Students Hold Real-Life 'Hunger Games' (VIDEOS)

The Hunger GamesIt can be easy to forget The Hunger Games were originally written with teenage readers in mind. You know, what with all the adult women slobbering over the eye candy on the black carpet at the movie premiere the other day. But leave it to a bunch of awesome high school kids to put together a real-life games, complete with a reaping, while the adults are wiping their drooly chins. 

The kids at the Bristol Eastern High School in Connecticut, er, Panem have the world watching with the coolest way to pass the time until Katniss throws herself in front of Prim to keep her safe onscreen. What's that you say? Suzanne Collins may not have envisioned the cornucopia in the middle of a high school gymnasium? So what!


This is a true tribute (see what I did there?) to the biggest smash in the young adult genre since that other book series with a popular movie spin-off (do I really have to name names?). Pulled together by the school's librarian (surprise, surprise), this is the kind of triumph educators dream of: finding books that are well written with a compelling plot point that have captured the national zeitgeist and allow them to (yes, I'm going to say it) make education fun. 

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I don't know how, but Collins has done it. She's written books that have captured the adults without making the teens say, "OMG, my Mom is reading that, hells to the no am I going to fall in with the minivan crowd." Could it be the kids are hungry for ... good literature? Aww, book nerd swoon!

And the awesome Hunger Games going on at Bristol High -- you can even check the school's website to track the "tributes" -- shows just how deep this love for some YA lit is going. Here's a look at some of the fun thanks to their videos!

We all know how this goes folks, first, we have ... the reaping!

And you can't have a Hunger Games without arming the warriors. Behold the Bristol High cornucopia:

And get a load of Effie Trinket putting these tributes through their paces:

You can catch more of the Bristol High Hunger Games over at their YouTube channel, but first, how many teens do you know who have read the books?


Image via TheHungerGamesMovie.com

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