Crazy 'Paranoia' Stalking Game Is Proof Kids Have Too Much Free Time

nerfblasterWhoa. And I thought that inane cinnamon challenge thing was proof positive teens have way too much free time on their hands: The "everybody's doing it" cool trend in New Trier, Illinois is even more bizarre. Called "Paranoia," it's a game which requires players to walk into people's houses uninvited, occasionally naked, armed with Nerf guns.

What could possibly go wrong?

From what I can tell, the teens are at least breaking into the homes of people they know -- the whole point of the game is to stalk (and shoot) your buddies.

And the nudity, apparently, is optional.


See, the "rules" of the game forbid shooting at naked players. Which seems fair.

Wait, what am I saying? No, that doesn't see fair. It seems crazy! The entire thing seems crazy! Which brings me back to my original point about the cinnamon challenge thing -- these kids today have too much free time on their hands!

Seriously. These are the stories that to me, as a parent, really drive home the importance of having teens involved in constructive, productive, non-naked afterschool activities. Anything. Sports, dance, volunteering at the animal shelter. Working at Starbucks. Going to SAT prep classes. ANYTHING.

Easier said than done, I know. I have no idea how I'm going to manage the cost and transportation and level of organization required to keep my kids out of trouble when they're older. Maybe I'll fail. But I at least have to try.

"Paranoia" is a perfect name for that game, anyway. Cause it's making me paranoid about parenting teenagers!

Do you think kids do stupid things when they're bored? How do you keep your kids out of trouble?


Image via Stephen Dann/Flickr

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