Bad Hockey Dad Displays Shining Example of Bad Sportsmanship (VIDEO)

Joe CordesThere's low, and then there's Joseph Cordes, a Massachusetts hockey dad who tried to help his daughter's high school team win in a most ruthless manner. In an effort to distract the opposing team's goalie, the 42-year-old whipped out a laser pointer and shined it in her eyes.

The goalie says the light blinded her, and cost her team the game. But it's clear who the real loser is.

Fortunately, officials were able to zero in on him and his laser, and he was escorted out of the arena. He now faces criminal charges for disorderly conduct (a misdemeanor charge that's pretty much just a slap on the wrist), and he's been banned from attending any events associated with his daughter's high school. I'm not sure that's enough.


It was no Tanya Harding move, but it certainly is a shining example of poor sportsmanship.

Most of us spend an enormous amount of time trying to teach our children how to be good sports. We teach them to take turns, have fun, and play fair. So seeing adults who blow all of that out of the water is beyond infuriating, especially because it happens far too often.

My brothers played ball their whole lives, and now my son does too. I've seen all sorts of parents, and I understand the passion sports can ignite. But there are always those who are a little too ignited. They're the ones who scream at the umpire, who chastise the coaches, and who simply can't handle defeat. I

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