13-Year-Old Girl Nails Adele's 'Someone Like You' (VIDEO)

TaraI'd probably been listening to Adele sing for three or four months on my iPod before I actually saw a picture of the British singer. It blew me away. Here she is so young with a voice that sounds like it belongs to someone who has decade upon decade of living, loving, and learning behind her.

And now an Iranian teenager has done it again! Her body is just 13, but the girl known only as Tara has the voice of a woman three times that. And she's quickly become a viral video star thanks to her haunting but beautiful cover of -- surprise, surprise -- Adele's "Someone Like You." She does the Grammy winner justice and then some:




Did that give you chills? A good reminder not to underestimate the power of young people to move us, isn't it?

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If you're wondering how someone so young can sound like that, here's a thought: it's illegal for women to sing in public in Iran. The guy who uploaded her video made one of his own to tell people that she is safe and not to call her a hero because it was not meant to be a political commentary, but facts are facts: growing up female in a strict Islamic country can't be easy.

Just as Adele has poured her heartache into her music, a teenager who has gone through tough times has a lot of living, loving, and learning to voice! And what better way to get out the pain than through music!

What was the toughest part of being a teenager for you? How did you let it out?


Image via smerdiis/YouTube

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