Teen Finds (Big) Winning Lotto Ticket After Mom Forces Him to Clean Room

messy roomIs there anything worse than having to clean your room when you're a teenager? (Or asking your teenager to clean his room?) Answer: No. But the task is sweetened a bit when you find a winning lottery ticket worth $84,000 underneath that pile of dirty socks.

Nineteen-year-old Ryan Kitching of Scotland was being hounded by his mother -- relentlessly -- to clean his stinky, dirty room. And when he finally he did, booya, he got $83,900 richer. He told the Telegraph, "My mum had been nagging me for weeks to tidy my room so I started cleaning and found a pile of old tickets." Apparently, he was about to throw the tickets out, but stopped himself, as he had a weird feeling that he should probably check them first. So he did. And yeah, now he's way richer than I.


I fancy myself to be a fairly neat adult now, but when I was younger -- yowza, was I a pig. You needed a hepatitis shot just to enter my room. We're talking clothes everywhere, a forever unmade bed, bowls of half-eaten cereal. The works. I hated "tidying my room," so I rarely did it. (Of course, this would result in blow-out arguments of epic proportions with my mother.) However. When I did eventually get around to putting my crap away (re: whenever my father would get involved), I usually did find cool stuff. Random photos, old notes, a phone number I had been looking for. Nothing $84,000 lottery ticket cool, but cool nonetheless. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is: Teens, clean your rooms.

'Cause, hey, you never know.

Did you hate cleaning your room when you were younger? Is it a pain getting your kid to clean theirs?

Image via permanently scatterbrained/Flickr

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