Teen's Suspension Over 'Love' Letter Best Thing That Could Ever Happen to Him

teen suspsension inner beautyRemember the flurry over Archbishop Denis O'Connor Catholic High School when the girls were rolling up their skirts? Me neither. But apparently it was a very big deal in Ontario, where the school girls were getting smacked down for hiking their skirts to "unacceptable" levels. But that's not what we're talking about today. Because today, one valiant gentlemen/student at Archbishop Denis O'Connor Catholic High School is in the news for being suspended.

Paul Gomille, 17, wanted to write a Valentine to all of the girls in his school expounding the virtues of inner beauty, modesty, and behaving like a respectable young person. So he did. It's beautiful and quite impressive for a 17-year-old boy surrounded by girls in Catholic school uniforms. But apparently because he kind of sort of "judged" those girls who value the sexy over those who value their inner beauty, he was suspended.

Sure suspension seems extreme and unfair. However. Dude, you are so going to get some action.


Gomille made 136 copies of his speech and passed it out to everyone in the cafeteria on Valentine's Day. Here's one passage that is so totally going to get this kid a date on Friday night:

But real attractiveness doesn't come from wearing the latest fashion, and it doesn't come from being scantily clad in public, or putting on make-up, or having a pretty face, or a nice body. No. Real attractiveness comes from having a certain dignity. It comes from having class. It comes from being true to yourself, being yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin. This message is for all young women within the sound of my voice and beyond. You’re all beautiful. You all have inner beauty AND outer beauty.

It seems the only issue that caused Gomille's suspension came when the principal asked him to remove a passage about not being one of the girls who dresses in revealing clothing and talks behind people's backs. She felt it was judgmental and that it shouldn't be included. Gomille left in the passage and was suspended for "opposition to authority."

I'm just so impressed that a) he thought to run his letter by the principal in the first place, and b) a young man is making an effort in high school -- the most excruciating social nightmare of your life -- to stand up for girls who don't usually get the boys' attention. Bravo, Paul! Your classy move may not have been motivated by getting laid, but it's so totally going to happen for you.

Do you think Gomille should have been suspended over this letter?


Image via windy_/Flickr

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