Amazing Mom's Reaction to Son's Coming Out Will Give You Hope (VIDEO)

teen coming outIf, like me, you've just about had it up to HERE with stories about gay teens getting bullied by peers and shunned by family members (sometimes even sent to military-style "discipline camps" where twisted counselors attempt to annihilate both their spirits and their sexual preferences), then you need to see this video. Really. All hope is not lost. Supportive parents do exist!

As do amazing teens. This kid is so charming, so sweetly self-assured ... guess that's what happens when a mom is as kind and accepting as his mom.


A kid couldn't ask for a better reaction, truly. A few of my favorite quotes: "You know what? I'm so proud of you." "I even looked it up online a few weeks ago, 'How to talk to your kid about being gay.'" "I need you to be who you are!"

These are things every kid should hear from their parents, regardless of sexual preference. (Well, not the looking it up online part.) I hope to offer my kids the same level of unconditional love and encouragement when they're ready to show me who they really are.

Does this mom's reaction to her son's coming out give you hope?

Image via mallow610/YouTube

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