Heroic Teen Channels Superman to Save His Grandfather's Life

BuickFrom time to time, a story will hit the news about some amazing feat pulled by a mother or father trying to save their child. This time, it’s a kid returning the favor for someone they love.

Austin Smith was spending a Saturday morning working on the car with his grandfather, doing some repairs to the brakes. Suddenly, the cinderblocks holding the vehicle up gave way and it crashed down, pinning Ernest "Papa Ernie" Monhollen underneath.

That’s when instinct kicked in, and 15-year-old Austin lifted the 2,000 pound Buick off of his grandpa, allowing him to crawl out to safety. We don’t often think of strapping teenage boys as guardian angels, but now it’s pretty obvious that we should add them next to the cherubs and resident saints. One look at that poor older man’s face will break your heart but thinking about the alternative will elevate it.


"Thank God he was here,” his grandfather has said, “because if it was just me and his grandmother, it would have been over.”  

Austin isn’t all caught up in his heroics, though. In fact, the Ida Township, Mich. kid admits he was terrified and is just as wowed by his show of strength as everybody else. And because of it, Mr. Monhollen escaped with fractured ribs, injuries to his eye socket, and a few cuts and bruises, but he’s walking, talking and proud of his grandson. In fact, he says, the brush with death has brought them even closer. Isn’t that just adorable?

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve done?

Image via circax/Flickr

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