'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Edition Is a Teen Boy's Dream & This Mom Is Cool With That

sports illustrated swimsuit editionLook, I'm no fool. Kate Upton is hot, and boys will find a way to get their hands on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue no matter what. My son isn't a teenager yet, but I know what lies ahead. (And honestly, the SI Swimsuit Issue is pretty tame compared to most of the pages your average young dude has bookmarked on his browser.)

Anyway, when the time comes, I don't want my son to feel like he has to stuff his Sports Illustrated to the bottom of his backpack. Guys dig pictures of naked chicks, and that's all there is to that. So he can check out Kate Upton's replacement without shame.

BUT FIRST, we're going to sit down and have ourselves a little mother/son chat called "Photoshop and Incredibly Unrealistic Standards of Beauty You Better Not Measure Any Real Woman Against, Ever."


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Because if there's one thing that bugs me about Pictures of Naked Chicks in general, it's that guys don't usually stop to think about what that hot model looked like before the pic was retouched. Which is fine for fantasy purposes, but not when real life expectations surrounding girls and sex start to be digitally altered, too.

Guess what, son? Real girls have cellulite and pimples and scars. Sometimes one boob is bigger than the other. Sometimes there's actually hair somewhere on a girl's body besides her head. (Or razor burn or those little bumps you get from waxing in place of said hair.) Sometimes girls don't have an evenly distributed glowing golden tan -- and god help you if you point that out to her when she's on the beach in a bikini. Don't say I didn't warn you, boy. Whatever she does to you, you'll deserve it.

I believe it's my responsibility as a mother to raise my son to know the difference between real beauty and fake, Photoshopped "perfection." And to always choose the former over the latter.

Would you be okay with your son reading the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?


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