Amazing Boy Runner Is a Champion Despite Cerebral Palsy (VIDEO)

ben komenSome stories are so incredible, people just can't stop telling them. Sure, they might fade out of circulation for a time, but a truly great story always comes back around. Especially when that story involves an amazing kid. As parents, we never get tired of hearing inspirational tales like these. Perfect example: The story of teen runner Ben Colmen, currently experiencing a Facebook resurgence.

Ben's parents never even thought he would walk. Ben has cerebral palsy, which makes his limbs stiff and difficult to control. But as it turned out, Ben wouldn't just walk, he would run. And keep on running.

Running is his passion, his reason for getting up in the morning. When you hear him talk about it, you'll understand why ...


As he says, running gave him "a place to belong."

All Ben Komen ever wanted was to be part of a team, but most weren't willing to work with his disability. (Can you imagine how heartbreaking that would be to watch as a parent?)

At last, his school's cross country team, The Hannah Yellowjackets, gave him a home. And I bet they were glad they did, too: In Ben's last year with the Yellowjackets, the team won Best in the Region for the first time in 13 years.

The look on Ben's face at the winning meet ... you will cry. Just accept that fact now, okay? It'll all be worth it, just wait and see ...

Are you as inspired as I am by this story?

Image via herecomesfun/YouTube

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