Yet Another Really Scary Reason Why Kids Shouldn't Drink Soda

sosdaWe already knew soda could rot our kids' teeth, make them obese and give them ADHD. (Talk about a product that offers plenty of bang for its buck!) Oh, and that it could probably burn through their insides (if the Mountain Dew/mouse goo lawsuit is any indication).

Now comes what could potentially be the scariest news about soda's physically harmful effects yet: People ages 16 and up who drink more than half a liter of soda per day are more than twice as likely to develop asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

Yikes! More than twice as likely?!


How exactly does a beverage affect the respiratory system? Well, the researchers aren't entirely sure just yet. The study was cross-sectional so it couldn't prove causality, just guilt ... by association. High soda intake was one of the characteristics of the asthma/COPD sufferers, but it's not certain one led to the other.

What is certain? Not surprisingly, smoking was another common characteristic among those with breathing problems. A little game of theoretical connect-the-dots would suggest that people who drink a lot of soda are people who tend to be less health-conscious in general, and therein lies the connection between pop and lung diseases.

Now, I must admit -- I'm not a huge fan of my kids or anybody's kids drinking soda, but I wouldn't quite classify it as a gateway drug, so to speak. Still, it's not like we needed more proof soda is bad for us.

Kids will be kids and I'm not fool enough to believe a teen isn't going to order a 95-ounce soda as soon as mom drops him off at the movies, but at least as parents we can vocalize our opinions on soda and make it a policy to not keep it in the house.

Does your kid drink a lot of soda? Does the link between soda and breathing problems scare you?


Image via eddie welker/Flickr

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