Teen Shows Obama the Proper Way to Launch a Marshmallow (VIDEO)

white house science fairIt's no secret that President Obama loves himself some technology. So much so that this week he hosted the second annual White House Science Fair in the State Dining Room, which exhibited projects from over 100 students around the country. Projects ranged from the serious -- the effect the ecosystem has on mollusks -- to the ... not-so-serious -- a marshmallow launcher. Which do you think Obama gravitated towards?

The marshmallow launcher, of course. And you can't really blame him -- although it may not serve a significant scientific purpose, it is pretty cool. Check out the President testing out 14-year-old Joey Hudy's "Extreme Marshmallow Canon." And Joey playing it totally cool.


I don't know about you guys, but when I was in eighth grade, I was not this calm and poised. I could barely talk to boys, never mind the President of the United States. Despite my awe and jealously, though, I love this. Joey just wants to talk about his experiment -- doesn't matter to whom -- and Obama just wants to send some marshmallows soaring (so much so that he takes the pump away from Joey so he can give it a go). It's a win-win for the boys.

Joey, you may not have realized how epic this event was at the time -- and how calm and poised you were throughout it -- but in years to come, you will be shocked at the magnitude of this, and how cool you really were.

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How cool is this? Do you think you could talk to the President like this at 14?


Image via whitehouse/YouTube

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