MIT Acceptance Letter Launched Into Space Raises Bar for Best Senior Year Ever (VIDEO)

Erin KingFor most kids, the day they get their college acceptance letter means one thing: time to enjoy senior year and par-tay, because they "have so got this." And this would be why most kids are not accepted to MIT. But Erin King is not "most kids."

She's a high school senior who took her acceptance to one of the nation's most prestigious scientific institutions and launched it into space. Are you getting an idea of why the Georgia teenager is the kind of kid admissions' staff drool over?


The school's web communications director released video of the trek no college acceptance has made before to Boing Boing, explaining that incoming freshman were encouraged to "hack" the tubes that MIT traditionally uses to send the news that their application has been approved. But they released this because even for MIT, sending something into space, it seems, is BIG. Check this girl out:

Ahem! Attention parents of the Class of 2016, the gauntlet has just been thrown out! It's time to take your kids aside and tell them that it's all well and good that they've hung that acceptance letter on the wall of their room right next to their tickets from last year's Warped Tour. But that doesn't mean they can now skate until finals!

There's no college out there that really cares if your kid spent the last four months of high school planning the most kickass senior skip day in your school's history. But if your kid is wasting away those final halcyon days of school figuring out how to launch something into space Erin King-style, you can be sure the world will be watching.

Which kid would YOU rather have?


Image via virtualerin/YouTube

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