Dumb High School Students Need Your Help Now! (VIDEO)

lunch scholarsMy fellow American parents, it is time to ask yourself: "Is my kid really smart or do I just think that because I created him or her?" Because a lunch scholars video created by a Washington teenager has given us a rare look inside the minds of the typical high school student. And they are some dark and scary places indeed.

Parents, lurking in the heart of America, there are teenagers who cannot answer basic questions about the world around them. It's a wonder they can walk, talk, and chew bubblegum all at the same time with their sheer ineptitude. And if you think I'm being too hard on them, let me sum up the nightmare in one terrifying sentence for you:


There are apparently teenagers in this country who believe that "bin Laden" is the vice president of the United States.

Be afraid, my friends. Be very, very afraid. For what you are about to see is our future:

Come on! Barack Obama is even on Facebook, kids should know who he is! And if they can't remember we're bordered by Mexico because someone actually taught them in grade school, the fact that MTV takes its Spring Break special there every other year (or so it seems) should at least have clued them in? No wonder one day without Wikipedia was like the apocalypse had come!

I would sit here fretting about our future as a country if this is who will be running things in a few decades, but I'd prefer we don't let it get that far. So I'm begging you, fellow parents, to take off the rose-colored glasses and ask your kids these questions. In case you didn't catch them all, here you go:

  • Do you know the capital of Washington State (feel free to replace with your state)?
  • Can you name one Democratic candidate from the 2012 presidential campaign?
  • Do you know the vice president of the United States?
  • In what war did the US gain its independence?
  • Can you name all of the countries that border the United States?
  • Can you think of a country that starts with the letter U?
  • How many stars are on the flag?

Do you think your kid will pass? Could YOU pass?


Image via Senior12913612/YouTube

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