Ridiculous 'Cinnamon Challenge' Wasn't Worth Principal's Time

cinnamonKids are clearly running out of legal substances to abuse. Whip-its and K2 Spice may be making headlines (thanks to the decidedly adult Demi Moore), but apparently cinnamon is the latest craze with real teens. Yup, that's right: Cinnamon. CINNAMON.

The inexplicably popular "Cinnamon Challenge" is to blame, and the trend is starting to cause real problems. Just in case you're not part of the "in crowd," the Cinnamon Challenge entails consuming an entire tablespoon of ground cinnamon in one shot (no vomiting, no inhaling). Sounds like a party, right?

It's even easy to smuggle the stuff into school! Because why would a teacher or principal bust you for cinnamon?

By the same token, how could any parent bust a principal for not busting kids for bringing a harmless, edible, spice rack staple ... to lunch?


That's what happened to Principal Carmen Rodriguez of Clinton Avenue School in New Haven, Connecticut. Well, she wasn't busted exactly, but she was put on administrative leave for allegedly seeing either one or a group of students attempting the Cinnamon Challenge during a lunch period and not doing anything about it.

As a parent, I think this is an unfair consequence. For a variety of reasons. First of all, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that Rodriguez didn't even know what she was seeing. Kids ... in a cafeteria ... putting spoons into their mouths ... um, it's not exactly like they whipped out a bong.

Secondly, while there are reportedly physical risks associated with the Cinnamon Challenge (kids who cough trying to swallow the fine powder could end up breathing it into their lungs), it sounds like the bigger risk is looking like an idiot.

The way I look at it ... why not let these kids make fools of themselves? If that's what Rodriguez was thinking, I completely understand. You want to do something incredibly stupid that's going to make your eyes water and your throat burn and everybody laugh at you? Go ahead! Bet you won't do it again!

Plain and simple, Rodriguez doesn't deserve to lose her job over something so ridiculous.

Have you heard about any kids in your town trying the Cinnamon Challenge?

Image via TheDeliciousLife/Flickr

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