Court Says Bullying Victim Deserves Money for What He Went Through

BullyingA 20-year-old man has become an unsuspecting hero in the movement to end this ridiculous bullying epidemic. Last year, Russell Dickerson III filed a lawsuit against the Seattle school district he attended through junior and senior high school, claiming educators did close to nothing to stop the taunting he endured at the hands of fellow students. And for his suffering, he’s been awarded a $100,000 settlement.

I don’t think anybody can argue that his experience at the Aberdeen School District was heartbreaking. He was spit on. Kids smashed an egg on his head. They designed a website just to poke fun of his race, his weight, and his assumed homosexuality, even though Dickerson never said he was gay. His peers pinned racist notes to his backpack and posted a fake picture in the locker room of him kissing a man.

All of that in six years sounds more deserving of a $1 million payout, but $100,000 is a start.


Administrators didn’t help his cause much when he was going through his day-to-day torture. In fact, when he was being teased about his weight, the best the assistant principal could come up with was suggesting Dickerson change his style of clothing. Well, that’s one way to fix the problem: extreme fashion makeover for the bullying victim.

Despite the complaints he and his parents made to higher-ups at the school, the harassment continued, even after a no-contact order was levied against one of the students, who allegedly threatened to lynch Dickerson. I can’t even imagine what it was like for this kid to go to school everyday. Still, the silver lining in his far-too-lengthy ordeal is not only his personal victory, but the example he sets for other young people who are in the crosshairs of kids’ merciless brutality. It shows them that there is justice and, at the very least, some kind of recourse.

Dickerson said he learned from his parents to never give up. “You should fight for your rights—you don’t just walk away.” Amen to that.

Do you think victims of bullying should be monetarily compensated for their suffering and if so, who should pay?

Image via borman818/Flickr

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