Bizarre Dress Code Won't Make Students Respect Teachers

bootsThere are some who would call Uggs a crime against fashion. Some would call them the comfiest thing since Crocs (see preceding sentence vis a vis crimes). And in one Pennsylvania school, they -- and all other open-topped knock-offs -- are now a crime worthy of punishment for students who dare wear them into the classroom.

Before you go all "OMG, I love my Uggs" on this ugly ban, the school administrators say this isn't about the boots themselves but about what kids are shoving in them -- namely cellphones, which are contraband at Pottstown, just as they are in 99.9 percent of schools in the country. Yes, America, this is why your teen has no respect for his elders. Because instead of coming right out and telling them what they're doing wrong, school administrators try to trick them.


And you better wipe that smile off your face, because you do it too. We lack consistency. We tell our kids that we're going to take away the Xbox for a month, then give it back after five days. We tell them the car is off-limits for a week, then hand them the keys because we're making dinner, and they can just run to get those eggs we need.

It's as if everything we were so strict about in the toddler days just goes out the window as our kids age, they get smarter and learn how to really raise our blood pressure, and we get tired. I get it. Fighting with your kid sucks with a capital SUCKS. 

But this habit of making new rules because you're too wussy to enforce the old ones ranks right up there with teenagers who can't bother to get dressed before they leave the house on my list of pet peeves. Our kids aren't stupid. They know they're getting to us if we're trying to throw new roadblocks in the way instead of just making the old ones worthwhile.

Pottstown Middle School has an easy fix to their problem. Enforce the cellphone policy. It would save parents from having to shell out for new footwear, but more importantly, teachers would actually garner the attention -- and respect -- of their students if they did so. The kids could learn something in those classrooms! That's a lesson everyone who deals with kids could benefit from.

What's the hardest rule for you to enforce with your kids?


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