We Need a Ban on Teenagers Wearing Pajamas in Public

Pajamas where they belong -- at home!
A Louisiana legislator probably didn't know what he was in for when he suggested a ban on pajama-wearing in public in Caddo Parish. Prepare for angry moms in 1, 2 ... AHEM! Hold up there ladies, Michael Williams may just have a point.

Ever notice the teenagers parading around the grocery store in their PJs? These kids wonder why adults have labeled anyone between the ages of 13 and 19 lazy even as they present the proof one fuzzy slippered footstep at a time.


Let me make this clear. Pajamas in public -- at least on anyone past the toddler stage or not clutching a bottle of Nyquil to take to the cashier -- are a blatant sign that you can't be bothered to actually PLAN anything. Like, maybe, getting out of bed more than five minutes before you are scheduled to leave the house? Or ensuring at least one pair of jeans is not lying under the mountain of crap in your bedroom?

Sure, I will fully admit that as a mother, I have worn my sweatpants to take the kid to the bus stop or run to nursery school drop-off. I'm not proud of it, but I should note the major differences: A. I do this ONLY when I will be seen by one or two people (who I know well) for ONLY a moment or two. This is not a lengthy excursion to paint the town red, ya hear? B. I accompany said sweatpants with shoes, not slippers. C. I keep everything covered up, and I do mean everything! and finally D. This is a last resort exercised not because of lack of planning but because my child has just made my morning a living hell.

The growing number of teens in their jammies seem to think that the way they roll down the waistband on those flannel bottoms to get comfy in the sack is perfectly acceptable in line at the deli. As a woman who prefers her freshly sliced cheese without a side of ass crack, I beg to differ. Without the benefit of the dark or your Angry Birds comforter, that outfit shows a whole lot more than you maybe intended. Oh, and that negligee? It was made for choosing a movie off Netflix streaming from the comfort of the couch, not from the RedBox station right next to the bottle deposit machine at the store.

After all, the whole reason Williams is proposing this wacky plan to begin with comes down to an incident with a group of young men in their sleepwear. A certain member of the group was wandering around Wal-Mart when he exposed his, ahem, member to Williams and other customers. Would you want that to be your son? Remember, what he wears is reflecting on you!

Now, I did say this whole plan was wacky because, as I mentioned before, pajama-clad babies in public don't bother me a bit, and I will always feel for the sniffly, coughing wretch who just needed her cough syrup. But that doesn't mean we can't change the world for the better by putting more PJs back where they belong. 

So here I am, raising my bullhorn to beg you parents: make your teens get dressed!

Do teens in their PJs bug you? Would you let your kids go out like that?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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